Scrunchies samples

Scrunchies samples, I finish making my sample yesterday, in pink. I will continue to make more, in different colors and variations. I find it easier to sew on my industrial machines, sometimes My domestic home sewing machines give me some problems, every now and then. I like to use my juki sewing machine, I have no problems with that machine, the only thing is the pressure foot is broken, and the pressure foot doesn’t raise high enough but that’s OK cause that I bought another one last year anyway, it’s not the juki, it called Techsew, I like their machines too, I buy from them because they machines are cheaper, and good quality, and I can raise the pressure foot higher. The reason why you want your press your foot to be higher, because you can make bags, you can make leather bags, and you can sew thicker material. Here are some samples of my scrunchies, right now they’re on my Etsy store.

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