Join Amazon Affiliate Program

Yes, I Join Amazon Affiliate Program, I am super excited, and so happy. Now, I joined the program five years ago, and they kicked me off of the program because I did not make enough sales, at the time I did not had enough contents or traffic to make the sales, now I have a little bit more traffic, then the past, I wanna put new content and benefit off of that, so it’s time, so in a day and a half, I’ve been working my butt off, putting Amazon links on my YouTube and websites, Amazon made it a lot easier and faster for you to put the links on your YouTube channel or website, in the past it was very tedious and a lot of work, it’s a lot easier now, but it’s still tedious. The tedious part is looking for a products, that you suggested to your audience to sell. Here is a sneak peek of what it looks like, on my YouTube channel.

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