I’m moving

I’m moving, to another state, down south. I feel really overwhelmed, I hate moving , because you have to pack so much stuff, I have a lotta stuff, I have to get rid of so much stuff too. I have so many problems, I don’t wanna pull my kids out of school, because down south they are a month ahead of us in terms of school. If, I move now, my kids will be a month behind school.
The tenant that live above me have not pay rent over a year, the eviction was file last month, because of new laws in Philadelphia, it’s takes longer to remove a tenant. I don’t want to move and she damage the house. With the rise of price of gas, mover companies charge a arm and a leg to move, especially if they know you’re from the north east. I think the best thing for me to do, it’s just to move everything, and wait till the kids finish school. By then she should move before the summer and the kids will finish school. I’m just going to make items that easy to sew for the time being. I’ve already started packing since September, already moved some of my stuff. here’s what my living room look like right now, with my stuff packed.

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