Pleated face mask

How to make pleated face mask

How to make pleated face mask, first what I did I decided to make my own print, I copy a print off the internet, and now I’m going to use my heat press machine. I’m using heat transfer paper that works on cotton, by using my inkjet printer, to print out the print on the heat transfer paper. Click on the link where are you can buy my face mask pattern. What this pattern does, it give you the flexibility to also do embroidery, and to use your own design.

Now I’m gonna take the pattern, cut it out, and place on the fabric

Now I’m gonna take the weights and ruler to cut my fabric out. Don’t forget clip on the notches or seams.

Now when you’re done cutting the notches, it’s where are you going to fold the pleats, with a iron. I also have a written the word fold, so it’ll be easier to know where to fold the fabric.

Now you gonna do the same thing for the interlining of fabric

Now I’m going to place the nose wire on the on the fabric

Now when you’re done placing the nose wire, you going to sew 1/4 inch, you want to do a top stitch of 1/4 inch just like you see in the photo.

Now for the interlining fabric, are you going to sew fold 1/4 inch, And edge stitch, or top stitch 1/4 inch just like you see in the photo.

Now you’re going to take the printed fabric and placed the interlining fabric on top of the printed fabric, and cover the interlining fabric 1/4 of an inch and tops stitch 1/4 of an inch just like in the photo.

Now I’m going to take the elastic and measure 12 inches and cut it

Now I’m going to tie it in a knot, and must measure no smaller than 5 inches, make sure and measure 5 inches or more.

Because we’re sewing on top of the pleats, make sure to sew the knot inside because it’s very bulky at this part, it’s best if you use a bigger needle or used your industrial machine, using a domestic machine may break your needle because you have to sew over the pleats.

Now you want to sew 3/8 of an inch or half an inch depends how thick your fabric is, don’t forget before you sew to back stitch it and when you finish, to back stitch it.

Now you’re all done, if you wanna watch the video, click on the link below to my YouTube channel.

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