Kids face masks

How to make kids face mask

How to make kids face mask, I will show you step-by-step how to sew a face mask for kids and how to make one. Click on the link where are you can buy my face mask pattern. What this pattern does, it give you the flexibility to also do embroidery, and to use your own design. You don’t need the expensive embroidery machine or a expensive heat press machine because it’s so simple to apply design on the pattern. You can also use whatever fabric you want, the possibility is endless. Also I have a video where you can also watch how I sew it together and made it. I made two different pattern, one is face cover and the other pattern is pleated, it also come in Adult size and kids.

Pattern paper

Pattern paper

The first thing I do, is cut out the pattern. Then I place the weight on the pattern and use a rotary tool to cut out the fabric.


So what I’m doing right now, I decide to make a heart, I want to put rhinestones on the heart, so I cut a piece of paper out to put the rhinestones on it, the fabric .

Now I’m gonna draw over the heart with a pencil that I just made.

After I finish drawing the heart, I’m placing the rhinestones on the fabric, where the heart is, following the line.

Now I’m going to take the lining fabric and place the notches on it so I know where to sew.


Next, you sew the corner, of the masks and tie the strings with a knot, so I can lay flat on the face.

Now I’m going to place the nose wire onto the mask.

then you’re going to sew and top stitch near the wire to sew near the mask

For the lining of the fabric, you sew the corner and tie the knot only once

Now you’re gonna place both the fabric together and so the bottom part and tops the stitch it a quarter of an inch.

Now you got a measure 8 1/2 inches for the elastic tied it in a knot

Then you’re gonna place the knot on the side of the mask and so it half an inch or three-quarter of an inch.

Once you’re finished sewing both the size of the mask then you are all done.
I also have a YouTube video that I’ll show how I sold the mass as well if you want to watch.

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