Adult facemask

How to make a face mask

How to make a face mask, I will show you step-by-step how to sew a face mask and how to make one. Click on the link where are you can buy my face mask pattern. What this pattern does, it give you the flexibility to also do embroidery, and to use your own design. You don’t need the expensive embroidery machine or a expensive heat press machine because it’s so simple to apply design on the pattern. You can also use whatever fabric you want, the possibility is endless. Also I have a video where you can also watch how I sew it together and made it. I made two different pattern, one is face cover and the other pattern is pleated, it also come in Adult size and kids.

First place the pattern on the folded fabric, on the grainline

Apply weight to the pattern and fabric and cut the fabric.

Clip the edge where the seams meets so you know where you know where to sew the fabric on the machine.

Do the same procedure and cut the interlining fabric

Now you could apply any design you want, whether it’s embroidery, rhinestones, HTV or a sublimation design, it’s up to you how do you want to create it. When you’re done you’re going to take the two ends as sew them together.

You want to take back of the opposites side together just like you see it in the photo and sew it

Now you’re going to sew half inch, make sure you don’t back tap, do not back stitch, when you’re done make sure you leave extra thread to tie it in the knot

Now you got a tie it in the knot

Now you’re going to do the same thing for the bottom part of the mask, You’re going to sew half an inch

You are going to do the same thing, and tie it in the knot

Now you’re going to take the nose wire applied to the top of the mask and cover it and sew 1/4 inch, topstitch 1/4 inch on the mask

Once I place nose wire I’m going to tops that stitch it a quarter inch

This is what the top stitch look like with nose wire.

Now you are gonna do the same thing for the interlining of the fabric, you’re going to sew half an inch

When you’re done sewing, you want to take extra thread and you’re gonna tie it in the knot

Then you going to edge stitch it a 1/4 inch, just fold it a quarter inch, a stitch on the edge

Once you’re done, you’re going to take the outer fabric and place it with the end of the interlining fabric, take the bottom part of the fabric, wrap it around in the interlining fabric, stitch 1/4 inch

Here what it looked like top stitch 1/4 inch

You going to take your elastic band, depends on the type of elastic you have, you are going to cut 10 inches of the elastic, you’re going to measure either 4 inches or 4 1/2 inches of elastic once you tie in a knot

Once you finish measure the elastic, you going to tie it in the knot, you want at least half a inch off the knot, The elastic band should measure 4 or 4 inch and a half in length. then you’re going to take the side of the mask and sew 3/8 of an inch

Sew 3/8 of an inch

Make sure you backstitch stitch it before and after you sew it

Once you finish sewing it place the knot inside the hole on the mask on the side

Once you place the knot inside the mask, you repeat the step and do it on the other side of the mask, and then you’re done.

Also watch my YouTube channel, where I show you how I sew it and put it together.

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