How to get accepted to Fashion institute of Technology

How to get accepted to Fashion institute of Technology, but first, let me explained how I got accepted. When I was a senior in high school, it was required to do a portfolio to get into FIT. During softball practice I injured my right hand, it was difficult for me to do the portfolio so I handed five sketches, but it was required to do 10, but I applied to the program for fashion design. I only applied to three colleges, because I only knew of three colleges that did fashion design, one was in Massachusetts, which I didn’t know about but somehow they found out about me. I applied to fashion Institute of technology, they did not accepted me. The other school I apply to was Pratt institute. I did not get accepted to Pratt Institute either. So, my only option was the school in Massachusetts, they accepted me. Later on I got a letter from Pratt Institute that they wanted me attended their school, and did they did not accepted me at first because my grades were a C, average. Pratt told me apply to the HEOP program, HEOP program is for a disadvantage students based on their low income, average grades but very talented artwork.
this was my artwork that I show FIT and Pratt.

Now I was a very talented artist, I had no training, I had the average grades, but my parents were well off, my parents did not have low income, but my parents pull some strings to make me be required in the program. So later on Pratt institute accepted me into the school, and I took the offer.

After I took the offer at Pratt Institute, I got an called from Mike, he work at the administrative at FIT. Mike told me, I was looking at your work, have you thought about textile designs? I said, what is textiles design? He explained to me that textiles design is one of their programs that they have at FIT, and he cannot let me into the fashion design program because they were already full. So to get into the school I could start off in textile design, and then transfer over into the fashion design program next semester. I did not want to start all over again, I did not want to start off college late, I was already traumatized being left back in the seventh grade. Pratt has already offered me a full scholarship through the HEOP program, so I just decided to decline the offer. he asked me why I decline, I say happily I got accepted to Pratt Institute, and I will be starting the fashion design program in the fall. He told me congratulations, and he said, that’s a great school.

My first year of Pratt institute, I started out in their summer program, which was great, it prepare me for college. The fashion design program at that time in Pratt Institute was a small program, they did not offer the fashion design students a lot, and they also was doing changes to the program, meaning new teachers, new staff, in the mess of all of that I wasn’t able to learn. I decided to take some classes at FIT, it’s very affordable at the time, when I start taking classes there it was at a slower pace and it was a easy for me to understand , and I loved it. And I decided that I want to transfer to FIT. To transfer was very hard, I did not get the letter that I got accepted to the school because they called me on the phone, so there was no proof, so I had to start the process all over again. One way to get accepted to the school, is to start taking the courses at FIT, courses that you could transfer into the program that you want to do.

Another way to make sure you get accepted it, make sure they have your school transcripts, FIT lost my school transcript twice, best way to make sure they get it, handed to them in person. After I did everything right, I still did not get accepted, so I called the administration and told them about Mike, when I called them they say which Mike, they told me there’s three Mike’s that work in the administration, but I explain to them that I did get accepted it but I decided to stay at Pratt Institute and there was a guy name Mike who wanted me to go to the program, plus I took courses at FIT, but they did not know that, so they told me apply again and after I apply I got accepted to the next program. You could also watch my videos of why or why you may not get accepted to the school, I’ll give a little more detail there as well, I hope this helps and leave a comment I would like to hear if you got into the school or not and if I was any help, all right thanks for reading my article.

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