Acrylic is man made fiber forming a substance of long chain synthetic polymer composed of 85% weight of acrylonitrile units.

Acrylic appearance has round shape with smooth 

surface. In 1950, acrylic was first produce in USA 

from a company called E. I. DuPont de Nemours 

& Company. The fabric became popular replacing 

wool, mainly for sweaters, and blankets and later 

for other material. Consumer responded well to 

acrylic because it was affordable than wool, and washable.

Acrylic is a lightweight fiber with good drape. It 

creates fabrics that are warm yet lightweight. It has 

good resiliency and elasticity and has excellent 

resistance to sunlight and weathering. It may be 

washed or dry cleaned.


Acrylic only have fair strength, when it is 20% weak and recovery when dry. It only have 1 1/2 % moisture regain, which mean it should never be worn on humid weather. Static and piling are frequent problems.

End Results:

You can find this fiber in sweaters, blankets, carpeting, children’s garments and outdoor products, such as bunting and canopies.

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