Academic costume

Academic costume

Academic costume caps, gowns, hoods usually black with color trim on hood, worn at the commencement exercises. Designed by Gardner Cotrell Leonard of Albany, New York, in 1887 and adopted it by the American intercollegiate code of 1894, revised in 1932. Code states style of, down, and good to be worn by persons with bachelors, Masters and Dr. degrees along with the colors to be used on the hood. Originated at the universities of Oxford and Cambridge over 600 years ago. Also called academic regalia.

academic costume

Academic hood decorative drape which comes close to the neck in front and hangs down the back of academic gowns in various length and shapes according to the degree held, usually black with colored facing indicating degree granted. Lightning colors represent school colors of institution conferring degree, that outer and of velvet shelves filled of study. From the cowl cape attached to gowns of undergraduates cape since the end of 15th century.

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