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Web PDM, is a program–highly use in the big companies. The program deals with keeping track of production garments and costs. When working with the team and if someone makes a mistake, you're able to know who the person is, sometimes people will do alterations to make the garment on the computer and you are not able to find out who did it, unless you're using this program. Because if someone made a mistake, they are not going to know who did it, why! Because they don't want to lose a job so that person will lie to your face, and say they didn't do it. I have witnessed this, or they would try to set you up, so you could take the blame. For example; let say Jane and Kelly is working on the same garment and Kelly did not tell Jane that she did a couple changes, that same garment goes to production and is approve and they decided to make 50,000 units. So after 3 to 4 months of lead time (garments produced overseas) the garments came back with the final check, your fit model comes in and it doesn't fit her. Now you are stuck with 50,000 garments that is no longer good because it cannot fit your fit model and you want to know fault is this. Now, Kelly knows she f*@k up, but she's not going to lose her job, so she's not going to admit to it. So what Web-PDM does it make sure that if any alterations is being done to the garment, everybody's going to know before it goes into production.