Top Fashion Schools




Top Fashion Schools in America.


When I started College there wasn't that many fashion schools. Since project runway, a lot schools offer fashion design. I didn't have a choice, I had to get accepted to the school of my choice no matter what it take. When I graduated from high school I only heard of 11 fashion design school. They were Virginia University, Mount Ida college, Pratt Institute, FIT, FIDM, Wood Tobé-Coburn, LIM College, SUNY Oneonta, Marist College, and Cornell. FIDM and Wood Tobe-Coburn only had two year degree program. (As a New Yorker, I was also afraid of california earthquakes by the way.) I didn't care if I was in school for 2 or 4 years, I just want to study fashion design.


My first choice was FIT, and second choice was Pratt and my third choice was Mount Ida college. I liked FIT because the school seem so kool and modern. Pratt because, it had a campus, it wasn't far from where I lived, and Mount Ida college because they contact me, and my friend was going there. I also had an another passion, business and that what these 3 colleges offered a business course, oh so I taught. The plan was after I finish getting my fashion design degree I wanted a business degree. I wanted to also study fashion merchandising and I was disappointed to latter found out that Pratt doesn't offer fashion merchandising. My mom want me to go to Pratt because it was a one the best art schools in America, and I loved Pratt, but fashion is also business too.You already know by now, but that how Pratt became my first choice.


To live at FIT dorms, you cannot lived 30 miles from the school, no joke. Now, over the years they change, its doesn't matter how far you lived from FIT.


It was hard for me to adjust to Pratt, there were a lot of rich kids there, only a few facility professor loved their job, (I am talking about the fashion design department) I never got any real experience in art or sewing. I needed someone to hold my hand and walked with me. I needed the facility to be fared, not judged me on my economic status, or skin colored. That is not why I transferred, I was angry that I was paying all this money to go to school and I felt I was teaching myself how to do everything, and I refused to deal with non-sense. Now, my classmates didn't speak up, all they care about was getting A or 4.0 GPA. I already knew grades wasn't important because how can you grade art, "beauty is the eyes of the beholder."


I just want the public to know that I when to Pratt a long time ago and I don't want to disclose my age. Pratt is not the same school of when I attended. Most of same Professor that I worked with don't longer teach their no more. They have a new fashion chair person their and now a strong fashion design program. I foresee this and I knew fashion design department was going to improve but I couldn't wait, until they get their problems together, I had to move on, time is money and I wasn't getting any younger.


I begged my best friend to transfer with me but she decided to stay, she when to fashion industry high school in NYC, she already had experienced. Before her fashion show at Pratt which they do every year, in NYC. She told me that they got a new chairperson at fashion design department, and new professors and I was amazed to see the freshmans and sophomores worked. Their class worked looked so professional, I was liked wow so much change since I left.

I going to name my 4 place of the top fashion schools in America.