Silk Natural Fibers




Silk come from silkworm.



In 2640 B.C. silk have been discovered by a Chinese

princess. Silk come from silkworm, it is two


continuous stand of two filaments cemented together which form a cocoon. The cocoon is made


of 1,600 yards of fiber used to make a cocoon.

China is leading silk producer in the world. Follower


by other producers such as India, South Korea, and Brazil. Silk is mostly made out protein because it is


an animal fiber. Silk is the only natural filament fiber.




The fiber had excellent drape and soft touch to the hands. Silk is the thinnest natural fiber. Silk has 11 percent moisture regain. Silk has very little problem with static and no pilling. Silk can be wash or dry clean.




Silk only have a fair resiliency and abrasion resistance. The strength is good until it wet, lose about 15% strength when wet but recovers when dried. Long exposure to sunlight weaken silk. Silk is also very expensive and turn yellow if wash in chlorine bleach.


End Results:

You can find silk in apparel, such as dresses, scarves, blouses, household furnishings, and decorative pillows.