Rayon is a fiber blend with natural and chemical properties.



Rayon fiber was produce in the US in 1910;


This is the first manufacture fiber. Because the


similarities it have the same qualities cotton in


terms of chemical properties.









Rayon is a medium weight fiber that have a good


strength and abrasion resistance. it's retain 11%


moisture. This fiber can be wash under care


supervision and also dry cleanable. Does not have


static or pilling and is very cheap.




Rayon lose 30 to 50% strength when wet. Recover when it dry. Rayon have poor


elasticity and resiliency. It also shrinks from numbers time of washing.


End Result:


Rayon product can be found in apparel, interior furnishings, dresses, shirts, lingerie,


jackets draperies, medical products, nonwoven fabrics and hygiene products.