Plus Size Clothing that Fashionable




Plus size is about the average woman wearing plus size clothing. I am going to wirte about the most fashionable plus apparel boutique shop. I personally find this challenging because it is very hard to find a fashionable plus clothing that are trendy and stylish. Most sizes larger than 12 in fashion clothing are either too casual or looked too old.


plus size3


Why would these fashion companies believe the average woman want to dress too casual. As a designer I can tell you why; I am just going to give you my honest opinion.



It is very expensive to do a plus clothing line.
Some fashion companies believe the average woman is insecure about their body. (If you're not happy about the way you look then why bother to dress up?)

Some fashion companies believe is a market that not porfitable or not growing.




I think this apparel market can bring revenue, if you're wise at the choicies you make. Since this market is so small, there are room for growth and to be profitable. Like I say before, some fashion companies are afraid to invest time and money into this market. I believe if a fashion designer want to do a plus apparel clothing line, the designer got to make sure they have the money to do it. Now, that doesn't mean you cannot start a clothing line in this market if you have small income; you just got to be wise about it. To be sucessful in this market is best to focus on one category, for example, swimwear, dresses, or lingerie etc. Once your line is profitable then you can expand your collection to different category.