Pattern Making



Learning style and technique in pattern making.




Patternmaking is the shortcut way of making designs off of one sloper where can be original, copy, or mass produced. A sloper can be made by draping on the mannequin and taking the muslin into a papers sloper.


Cut on inside of pencil line. (This refers only to cutting finished outside lines on sloppers and patterns to retain the origianl fit when copying and outling.)


Dot a small round mark used to denote a specific point on a sloper or pattern, often indicated with an awl.


Outline the process of drawing a line along edge of sloper or draft without seam allowance.


Tracing by using a tracing wheel to transfer pattern lines onto another sheet , sheets of paper, or to opposite side of a folded sheet of papper. Folded draft is opened or sheets are separated and traced lines are penciled in with the proper tools.


Trueing is the process of connecting all points on a pattern and checking for accuracy of measurement, dartlines, seamlines, crossmarks, shape of seamlines, etc.



pattern making


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Pattern Making Tools