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Pattern Making Tools and Supplies.

pattern making tools


Materials you're going to need is awl, french curve ruler, hip curve ruler, L square ruler, muslin, notcher, oaktag, patternmaking paper, pencils, pins, push pins, a clear plastic ruler, a 9 inch paper scissors, a fabric scissors, tape measurement, dressmaker's tracing paper, tracing wheel and a yardstick.





An awl is a pointed tool with a wooden handle.


Used to pierce small holes such as to indicate apex


in a pattern.






french ruler


A french curve is a plastic


tool shaped into a curve and


one end. It is used to mark


armholes and necklines.











hip curve ruler

The hip curve ruler is a metal 24 inches or 61cm


ruler that is shaped into curve at one end; used to


curve hiplines on skirts and pants.







L square ruler

L sqaure is a metal ruler with one side


longer than the other; sides form an "L" as


the name implies; used to draft sloppers ans


patterns. The L ruler is to establish length


and rainlines on patterns and sloppers.















Muslin is a plain weave fabric made from bleached


or unbleached carded yarns in a variety of weights


are important to the patternmaker.


A light weight muslin used to test tailored


garments such as coats and suits.


A heavyweight, firmly woven muslin-used to test


tailored garments such as coats and suits.











A notcher, a hand punching tool which produces a 1/16


(0.2) nick in paper or Oaktag. Used to establish notches at


the outer edge of seam when pattern is completed.












Oaktag is a heavyweight papper, usually


beige in color. Used to make basic slopers.












pattern making papper


Pattern making paper a strong white


paper in a variety of widths and weights,


availables in rolls. Paper must be soft


enough to fold at darlines or seams and


able to reamin flat when opened. Do not


use tissue paper as it wil tear easliy. A


paper with a grid pattern of dots is also


available. This type of patternmaking paper is used for markers in the garment





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pattern making tools

Pattern Making Tools