# 1 Parson's The New School For Design



Parson's The New School For Design Review


I didn't learned about Parsons until I attended Pratt institute. I also applied to Parsons and I didn't get accepted, but Parson attitude is similar to Pratt institute. Parsons is well know and respected in the fashion community. As an FIT graduated, fashion companies always preferred to hire Parsons student in term of internships or jobs over FIT students.


I going to name my 1 place of the top fashion schools in America.




1. This school prepare you for the real world


2. They aloud you to be yourself no matter how crazy your idea is; your creativity is as far as you let it to be.


3. You get to do a fashion show your senior year where you will get media and fashion coverage


4. Their internship program is strong




1. Self taught; most work you have to teach yourself or have a natural ability to do it.


Check out these students work: