Nylon Man Made Fabric



The fiber have a rod-like shape and a smooth surface.



Nylon was the first commercial production fiber in the US in 1939.




The fiber is lightweight with excellent strength and abrasion resistance. Only 10% weak when it is wet. Nylon have good elasticity, resiliency, and drape. Nylon can be wash or dry clean.






Nylon have poor moisture regain. Static and pilling are major problems. Resistance can be poor due to long exposure to sunlight, making this fiber not prefer to use in draperies or out doors furnitures.


End Results:


This product can be found in apparel, interior furnishings, lingerie, swimwear, exercise wear, hosiery, jackets, bedspreads, carpets, upholstery, tents, fish, nets, sleeping bags, rope and luggage.