Juniors Fashion




Junior Market

Juniors fashion is promotional merchandise that use promotional fabrics, usually polyester blends in the $1 to $10 per yard price range.



teen fashion

Juniors is a line that covers missy and juniors age range from 15 to 50. Juniors styles is trendy and missy is more simple. Price of a jacket range from $50 to $125 dollars. The consumer is price sensitive, carrying these merchandise in department store, discount stores, and chain stores.
Another juniors line is moderate which price-consicous, volume sportswear. Fabric can range from $4 to $10 per yard price range. The look can range from "missy" ( a mature, non- trendy



customer 20 year and up) to "junior" (a trendy 15 to 35 year old). jackets are approximately $70 to $125. This category is sold mostly in department stores.



juniors fashion