Nothing reflects inner health, vitality and wellbeing quite like a clear complexion, sparkling eyes and your crowning glory, glossy hair. Beauty comes from within and if you have an unhealthy diet and lifestyle, your hair is like your skin, it will suffer. Fatigue and stress will also wreak havoc on your hair, so modern hair care must be holistic and take into account all aspects of your lifestyle. When you are tense, your scalp tightens and the blood capillaries contract, reducing the amount of oxygen and nutrients that reach the hair follicles; Depending if you have oily scalp or dry scalp the production of sweat increases if your scalp is oily, causing a greasy scalp; or decreases if you have dry scalp cause your hair to be brittle and dull; and over prolonged periods of time stress mad even lead to hair loss. A good relaxing scalp massage can help maintain healthy head of hair, relieving tension and increasing blood flow which will, in turn nourish the root and hair follicle.

Clean, shinny hair is joy to have and head- turning to watch. Yet how often have we been told that our hair is dead, dull and that it is just build up deceased protein cells,
strands of keratin which feel no pain when they're cut? Maybe your ends need cutting. This is true; but hair is also organic ins way leather or wood is organic. Just think of how a wooden surface shines after a little elbow grease and beeswax. Nourish and condition them and they will shine, breathe and last for years. With the same love and attention, so will your hair. Taking care of your locks is a three-step: providing nourishment, treating it with care and using the right products. The simple routines, tips and advice that follow will ensure you have great salon hair every day.