Fashion Sketching




Fashion sketching tutorial; learning to draw, the accomplish body figure darwing and how to draw cloths on a figure. How to use color to make drawing come to life.

fashion sketches




Learning how to draw depends on the individual,


some people pick it up right away, and some


people implementing drawing longer to grasp.


I'm going to explain to you a few tips on how to


improve your fashion sketches.













fashion sketches

  • Learn to all the skeletons and muscles of

    the human body. When I practice on this


    method, it made a huge difference on my


    sketches. You can go to the library or look


    to the encyclopedia for the human body as


    a reference to sketch the human body.











model sketches

  • Take a class, where it would allow

    you to sketch a live model, this will


    give you a better perspective of how


    the figure is sketch. You will get to


    see, a live model posing in front,


    back, and, the 3 quarter view.



  • Take a fashion magazine and practices sketching the photos of models in the magazine.


fashion sketches