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Fashion Institute Of Technology Review

While, I was attending school at Pratt, I was also going to FIT because I took a design class in the summer just for fun and I fell in love with the school. After I took the design class I wanted to transfer. I was going to 2 colleges at the same time working on my application to get into FIT. It took a long time before I got in, their school is disorganized. I guess because so many students goes there; like 10,000 a year. Not only that but also it is a state school and each department in the school is run separate because it cheaper that way. When I attending FIT it had an amazing AAS fashion design program. You can specialized in evening wear, childrenswear, sportswear, intimate apparel, knit wear, and tailor wear. Now, you have to get your BA in fashion design in order to specialize in one these category which I think it is unfair. This mean it would take you 4 years to finish instead of 2 years. FIT only offer those program when you apply for BA in fashion design.


I going to name my 3 place of the top fashion schools in America.



1. Their fashion internship program is strong


2. The professors have a lot of patient to help you and the school have tutors as well.


3. You get to do a fashion show


4. They teach you how to work for a company




1. It take you four years to do specialization


2. They do not prepare you to be independent in terms of starting your own clothing line.


Check out these students work:


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