# 2 Fashion Institute Of Merchandising and Design




Fashion Institute Of Merchandising and Design Review


While I was trying to get accepted to Fashion Institute of Technology, I also applied to Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising. Just in case I didn't get accepted to FIT, so happen that I got accepted to FIDM and latter on I got accept to FIT. I really would like to go their but I would have to pay for other state tuition, plus New York in one of the Fashion Capital of the world. I think this school has done a get job haven graduates who leave the school doing really well; their program is only two years. You also have the choice of getting BS in fashion merchandising or advance fashion design.


I going to name my 2 place of the top fashion schools in America.




1. Their fashion internship program is strong


2. The professors have a lot of patient to help you and the school have tutors as well.


3. You get to do a fashion show


4. They teach you how to work for a company




1. There not sense individuality in terms of creativity.


Check out these students work:



model model2







model 4