Fashion Era




As of now, the history of clothing can be date back in the stone age or paleolithic period, which is about 30,000 years ago.
People at that time made pants, drape, and skirts. What was also found, for that period were needles for sewing, bones for scrapers the skin or fastening garments.
The earliest of textiles dates goes back as far in 27,000 years ago and have imprints of woven material on clay pots. Archeologists discovered physical evidence textile linen dated back 7,000 years ago B.C. Other remaining evidence of woven fabrics dated back 8,500 years ago in Turkey with complex weaving techniques.

Psychologists and Sociologists have try to understand what motivate people to want to dress themselves. As we all know there are places around the world where clothing is not important in some cultures. But, it has been suggested that,


Cloths was worn for protection


Cloths was worn for modesty


Cloths was worn for decoration


Cloths was worn to show status


When you look the four reason why humans dress themselves, maybe this is the motivation to push humans to elaborate and develop more complex forms of garment.