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fashion business





So you want to start a clothing line! The first thing you need to do is, know yourself and be honesty with your self. What type of designer you want to be, you must be very focus and not all over the place, and that a lot mistake that designers make. Designer who are just starting out want to design everything. You have to remain focus and pick one categories; for example dresses, t-shirt, handbags, etc. Once you decide on what you want to do, you have to asked yourself if you want do childrenswear, evening wear, or sportswear design, etc. I know some of you may be reading this and say I can design everything, okay but i warn you, don't let me say I told you so, I told you to focus on one thing, but no..... you didn't want to listen and now you're worry that you going to be out of business. You have to understand that everyone that work in fashion, 9 out 10 only know how to do one thing. It is rare that you find someone who is a jack of all trade (that can do everything). Okay, you still don't believe me, think about it please; Every buyer, manufacture, and seamstress focus on one thing. You contact an buyer who interested in buying your dresses but is not interest your blouses or pants, Now you have to look for another buyer that want to buy blouses or pants. Still not convince, okay what about manufacture that you found that focus on sewing evening wear, okay so the manufacture owner told you they can also sew blouses and pants too, and you decide to take risk with them because time is short; at end results you're not happy the way they sew your pants and blouses and now you have a problem. That one small aspect that can go wrong in fashion, but still want to design more then one categories than you will cost you more money to invest.

The next step is see how much cost do you need to invest, that all depend on the skills you have, how much equipment you will need.
What if you cannot sew, draw, or do not know how to used the computer? I always tell people to start t-shirt line is simple and easy and less costly to start. People turn their nose up and say they don't want to do that, well I say okay, can you afford to hired, a seamstress, designer, web designer, and patten maker. IF you can afford that you need a seamstress to sew you samples, a designer do so your spec and flats, help pick out your fabrics, presentation, labels, and help the flow of your production. A patten maker can make your designs come to life, grad your patten and cut your fabric to get for the seamstress to sew it. A web-designer can help you put your products to sells online and let buyers, and bloggers see your designs.

The next step is to market your designs, you need a sale representative and a PR to get notice. Once the order is made, then it goes in the finale stage of production, where you will already have manufacture that you can depend on to do the job right. The merchandise is shipped to distribution and finally to their store. Then you're ready for business.