Cotton is a natural fiber; it is a seed fiber that is attached to a seed of a cotton plant.



Cotton fabric have been used over 5,000 years. It most widely used fiber in


the world. Did you know cotton is only made in USA, China, India,


Egypt and the West Indies. America cotton is called pima because of it


extra long staple length, this mean it is high quality cotton.


Sea lsland cotton is the best quality cotton in the world and it is now


only grown in small amount in the West indies.


Egypt cotton is also high quality and it is a long staple cotton.

Long fiber length in cotton is very important because it give better strength, more


luster (shine) and a silkier touch. A cotton fiber color and cleanliness determine cost of the fiber.


Cotton fabric is popular because it's easy to care for and comfortable year-round. In hot, humid weather, cotton "breathes." As the body perspires, cotton fibers absorb the moisture and release it on the surface of the fabric, so it evaporates. In cold weather, if the fabric remains dry, the fibers retain body heat, especially napped fabrics.

A pure, 100%-cotton fabric is the best fabric for beginning sewers; it's easy to cut and to sew.
Almost every type of fabric available can be made with cotton fibers. The challenge is selecting the right fabric for the project.




Good strength, abrasion resistance, absorbs moisture quickly and dry quickly. This make it great for hot weather, completely washable, dry cleanable, no static, no pilling, drape well, soft to touch, and inexpensive.




There is little luster, poor elasticity, poor resiliency, (hard to iron) it attract mildrew, and silverfish. Cotton can also from lint because the short fiber that easily come out.


End Result:


The fabric can be produce in apparel, interior furnishings and industrial areas.