Acetate Man Made Fiber




Acetate is a man made fiber that is create from cellulose acetate. The surface have a round shape with striations on it.




Acetate fiber was first developed in 1924; later on


in 1952 the Federal Trade Commission made


acetate generic category, no longer part of the


rayon fiber family.











Acetate is a medium weight fiber


that drape perfect and silky to the


touch. Resiliency and absorbency is


fair. Regain 6 1/2 moisture, it has


no pilling or static problem, and is













This fabric have poor strength, can become very 30% weak when wet, not good for washing machines but recovery strength when it dried. Have poor abrasion and elasticity. This fabric should only be dry clean. Hot water or dryers can cause loss of strength, permanent creases and shrinkage can occur due to heat. Acetate color can fade or change due to pollutant gas. The color can change from deep blue to navy, or purple to red from exposure.


End Result:


This fiber can be found in lining fabric, lingerie, fabric for bonding materials and cigarette-fiber material.